I see people who are resistant to training, coaching, or any form of intervention for that matter.  And I have cried a million tears for these types to listen.  Up to the time I ran out of tears, they still wouldn’t hear me.

Eventually it struck me that individuals who are indifferent to any form of learning are also indifferent towards life.  They drag their feet to work, carry themselves as if the weight of the world on their shoulders, and either roll over or get pushed over to any one corner where they can conveniently settle down and do their countdown to the end of the workday.

There is nothing wrong with them.

What is wrong is that I expect them to be otherwise because my personal situations and actions have always been about pursuing the absolute best opportunities, keeping my focus on my goal, stretching until it hurts, paying attention to everything that I come across, gritting my teeth when I see laziness and indifference, speaking my mind when the mediocrity becomes overwhelming.

What is wrong with the rest? Nothing more than what they will find wrong with me.

Life is so. People just are. And you are reading this article from the one who will not stop taking action and writing about matters that will hopefully create a positive difference in the mind of those who care enough to read and learn.